Afraid to be Seen

“I’m afraid to be seen.” “I don’t want to be annoying.” These are the two most common sentences I have heard from creative people in recent weeks. What were they talking about? MARKETING. If you are afraid to be seen, worried about being annoying, or uncomfortable putting yourself “out there,” then keep reading this post!Continue reading “Afraid to be Seen”

LOOK! Shiny Shit!!

When the Boston comedy scene was at its peak, I spent a lot of time hanging out with comedians. There was one dude, Johnny Pizzi, who had a brilliant technique for reviving a dead audience. He would pause for a second, reach into his pocket, and say into the mic, “LOOK! Shiny Shit!!” And, heContinue reading “LOOK! Shiny Shit!!”

Let Me Buy From You!!

Artists are afraid to sell their work. I attend a lot of art shows, craft fairs, and gallery openings. I also buy a lot of art and hand-crafted items. If you are a creator of beautiful things, I am your target audience! Why, then, is it so difficult for me to stay connected with artistsContinue reading “Let Me Buy From You!!”

When They Hate You

I can be a lot. I am good at marketing and I love making a difference, so I have done lots of volunteer work helping non-profits ramp up their visibility. But, in many instances, I have met with Board members who told me that I come on too strong, take up too much space, intimidateContinue reading “When They Hate You”

Unlearning to Write

I minored in English for fun. I also earned a combined undergraduate degree in music and business. I have expository writing down pat! So, as a solo-entrepreneur, I have always felt confident in my abilities to write informative, appropriate, and professional letters, emails, and articles. The problem, however, is that the writing I was trainedContinue reading “Unlearning to Write”