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No one in music school ever mentioned entrepreneurship. Ever.

Fortunately, I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

Instead of an after-school job, I taught flute lessons in high school.

In college, I made money typing people’s papers to avoid a nightmare cafeteria job.

I have managed my own teaching and performing career. I owned and operated a successful music school. I started a business teaching teen musicians how to use their training to get into college. And, I have taught other business owners how to do their own marketing.

But, it wasn’t until a young colleague came to me with questions about how to manage his career that I realized how much I had figured out on my own.

That’s also when I first understood that I had done something unusual.

Through determination, trial and error, working with coaches, big failures, and huge wins, I had become a creative solo-entrepreneur.

I understand the key truth that creative people are never taught: that mastering your craft is only the beginning.

And, I understand that schools don’t teach entrepreneurial skills because the instructors have never had to live by them.

Now I am on a mission to fill in that gap. To help soulful, creative people create the business of their dreams without sacrificing the passion for their art.

It is the most exciting work I have ever done. And, it’s also the biggest honor.

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