Mind, life, and business solutions for creative entrepreneurs.

Jokes about starving artists aren’t funny. Making them a self-fulfilling prophecy is twisted.

Your training in a creative or spiritual field brought you to a brilliant level of expertise and passion. You know how to excel at what you do and how to continue practicing to deepen your abilities and commitment to your craft.

So, where is the income?

Struggling with the business end of things is NOT your fault – they don’t teach these things in school! Especially not in creative fields.

Instead, you were told to prepare to struggle.

That struggle is over!

Welcome to the mentorship that you have been craving. Your unique gifts to the world are needed now more than ever. It’s time to learn how to create a successful business around what you do!

It’s time to shine while being YOU.

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The Arts Are Dead

My dog is named after composer, Jennifer Higdon. Because she is the most beautiful dog in the world (I am completely objective on this point!), people frequently stop us on the street so they can meet her. Then, they ask me her name. Here is where things get interesting and a little weird. When I…

Afraid to be Seen

“I’m afraid to be seen.” “I don’t want to be annoying.” These are the two most common sentences I have heard from creative people in recent weeks. What were they talking about? MARKETING. If you are afraid to be seen, worried about being annoying, or uncomfortable putting yourself “out there,” then keep reading this post!…

Email is Inauthentic

A client recently told me that he will NOT learn to use email marketing for his music business because it is cold and inauthentic. Instead, he will wait until post-COVID gigs return, making his career “easier to manage.” “Lazier to manage” is more like it. Building a rabid following via email can be FUN and…

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