Email is Inauthentic

A client recently told me that he will NOT learn to use email marketing for his music business because it is cold and inauthentic.

Instead, he will wait until post-COVID gigs return, making his career “easier to manage.”

“Lazier to manage” is more like it.

Building a rabid following via email can be FUN and very authentic! You just have to stop picturing the early days of email marketing newsletter campaigns.

Imagine someone hearing your music, loving it, and asking to hear more. You play another piece for them, and they ask a question about it. Then, your answer leads to more conversation and the person is hooked on YOU, your music, and your story.

The next thing you know, they want to buy tickets to hear you play every time they can.

Why? Because they feel like they have a relationship with you. And, they kinda do!

This is exactly what a great email campaign does.

Someone loves your work and wants to hear more. So, they follow a link to be on your list. And, you send them little videos of more work, quick stories about what you are working on, questions about their favorite performances, pictures of your tools behind the scenes, and some “secrets” about your process or history.

These simple messages create connection – something people are craving!

And, that connection creates active fans. So, when you send them a link to buy tickets to your next event, they follow the link and buy.

Because, it’s YOU. And, they have a relationship with you.

This following will also make you a dream-come-true for the gatekeepers of venues and events. If you bring your own audience, hiring you to perform is a no-brainer!

And, when that audience already loves you, the performance is filled with far more energy, excitement, and life!

THAT is authenticity at its best.

Published by Trisha Craig

Flutist, conductor, tireless motivator of amazing humans. I am on a mission to help soulful, creative people create the success of their dreams without sacrificing the passion for their craft. Plus, I hug dogs.

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