The Arts Are Dead

My dog is named after composer, Jennifer Higdon. Because she is the most beautiful dog in the world (I am completely objective on this point!), people frequently stop us on the street so they can meet her. Then, they ask me her name. Here is where things get interesting and a little weird. When IContinue reading “The Arts Are Dead”

Afraid to be Seen

“I’m afraid to be seen.” “I don’t want to be annoying.” These are the two most common sentences I have heard from creative people in recent weeks. What were they talking about? MARKETING. If you are afraid to be seen, worried about being annoying, or uncomfortable putting yourself “out there,” then keep reading this post!Continue reading “Afraid to be Seen”

LOOK! Shiny Shit!!

When the Boston comedy scene was at its peak, I spent a lot of time hanging out with comedians. There was one dude, Johnny Pizzi, who had a brilliant technique for reviving a dead audience. He would pause for a second, reach into his pocket, and say into the mic, “LOOK! Shiny Shit!!” And, heContinue reading “LOOK! Shiny Shit!!”

Big Training, Little Instruction

If your experience is anything like mine, you have some fantastic training under your belt. Perhaps you attended a high-end art school, got certified in cosmetology, trained under a ballet guru, mastered all of the elements of an intense theater program, or earned two music degrees from highly competitive schools (like me!). Either way, IContinue reading “Big Training, Little Instruction”